Elbox Mediator TX / Radeon 9200 Review

Last Update 4/8/08

first unofficial review...

Let me begin by saying that my Amiga 1200T/Blizzard 060/OS3.9 has sat mostly dormant for the past 6 years other than the occassional testing of software that I developed on WinUAE. Once I got DSL and now Cable internet, dialing up became a distant memory and as such, the usefulness of my Amiga dramatically decreased (as well as my ability to keep it up-to-date). There was no way I would spend anywhere from $150-$200 for a used, slow Ethernet board to get it back on the internet, so it became only an occassional diversion. Enter the Mediator TX, some inexpensive pci cards, and a Radeon 9200 to re-ignite the fire...

Once I finally made the decision to replace my Micronik Zorro II busboard (Cybervision 64/3D, Melody ZII, IOBlix), the first thing I did was start scouring eBay for some compatible cards for sale (after checking the list of cards that work on Elbox's website). Here's what I picked up (prices don't include shipping):

These auction wins started trickling in soon after the day came for me to order my Mediator TX. Rather than waiting for the TX to become available from dealers, I decided to order directly from Elbox that very day. I received a nice order confirmation email later that evening. 3 business days later I received another email stating that my board had shipped!! I could hardly wait!!

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